Well hey...

Wow!  Well, the holidays are once again upon us and it seems like they were just here!  Seems like with children each new Holiday season brings something new something More exciting than the last- So to say I am excited is a total understatement!!!  It's not even Thanksgiving and my little guys is asking if we can put up our new tree?!  

I think I finally found the nitch Ive been needing to keep this blog thing going and to make it easier on me.  Hoping to get you guys some looks at at least one post a week.

This was One of my first "in studio" newborn sessions and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  Lovely Mamma and that sweet little guy--{side note I may or may not have just shot his 3 month milestone photos and am barely getting these newborn ones up...better late than never right} 

Happy Friday!

was it rigged?..

I am always hesitant to do giveaways on my social media accounts because well, I for one think that most of the time they are rigged and that the owner just chooses whom he/she would like to win and that's that and no one bats an eye. 

I have a very large, very amazing family :) of course most of them follow me because they're just nice like that. So today Brax pulled out the first name and it's my sister in law (Wahoo!!) we decide to draw again to give away the other cover and he picks my sister Tammy (YAY!!)  I am so excited for them, after all they deserved it, they tagged the most times and therefore had the best chances at winning the whole thing! 

So to all of you who will ever enter a giveaway with me again I just want you to know that it is legit and I am totally not pulling a quick one on anyone out there. Even my family gets to win sometimes ha that's just how braxtyn picked it! Promise he can't read ;)

What should I giveaway next. . . 

a family session surrounded by sand...sure:)

I loaded up my family and we headed to Utah for the weekend. It was halloween so my son was just as excited as ever. He had his iPad all loaded with movies and he was ready for the 5-6 hour drive ahead of us. We pulled into our destination and I always do this thing where I psych myself out and start questioning if I packed my camera and gear...I hurry and rummage through all of the luggage and find it...phew!  Ha I swear this happens to me almost every time. I think it's just the phase of life I'm in with kiddos and all that those things aren't very important until you get 400 miles away and realize there are families and babies counting on you to bring your camera to photograph them that all of a sudden it is A NECESSITY:) 

I am so grateful my camera was with me so I could capture one of my favorite families! . . . 

We decided on some sand dunes for the backdrop and Shayla did a lovely job of dressing her kids in this perfectly contrasted pallet yet keeping their personalities in mind ~ I just loved the outcome. It was Windy (with a capital "W") and we for sure had sand for dinner. But it was worth it to get these photos that I am sure this sweet family will cherish for a lifetime.

Just to toot my own horn a little and put a side note on how awesome these kids are. I got all of these beautiful photos and many more in about 45 minutes and left without much of any grumblings from the husband:) Love you Tyler ;)  

Family Session up the Mountains

Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT | Utah Photographer

This session almost didn't happen. If you're wondering why just check out that sky. But these guys were troopers and went up the mountain then half way down then back up again because it finally quit raining.  That cute little guy in the vest is actually my nephew & I guess I will claim his dad as my brother;) Love how these came out you guys! What a cute little family you are!

In the Desert: Maternity Session

(las vegas maternity photographer, pregnancy photographer st. george)

Pregnancy is such a special and memorable time. Becoming a mother, bringing new life into the world, is one of the most precious times in our lives. Through the morning sickness and swollen ankles, the aches and pains and sleepless nights… no other job on earth compares. It’s both rewarding and relentless, and the most exciting thing you’ll ever do. I would love to welcome you into motherhood with a maternity portrait session celebrating this quickly passing season of life. These are your first moments of motherhood, and they are priceless!  A professional portrait session is the perfect way to capture your gorgeous glow and intense emotions as timeless art.

Valentine Mini's l Henderson/Las Vegas NV Photographer

How fun are these little shoots! I am so excited! To schedule just click the link below.  These are first come first serve,  If they fill up I will possibly see about adding a few more spots.

The Valentine Mini Sessions are geared more toward younger children or babies that can sit up or has good head control while enjoying tummy time. If a baby comes with an older sibling who can help hold baby up that would work as well.

I can't wait to see you all in my studio (which is in the comfort of my own home!)




Thank You!!!